Hi I Am

Amy Jackson!

My background is speckled with abuse, addiction, and a complete lack of self-confidence.

I met my husband in 1997

and we have 2 wonderful kids, but after my 2nd baby, I started experiencing chronic back pain. Doctors didn’t know why I had pain throughout my back so they treated it with pain killers. It didn’t take long before I became addicted to pain medication. I spent most of my 30’s dependent on those pills, experiencing a lot of pain, and trying to hide it all and be the perfect wife and mom. I finally decided that I couldn’t live this way anymore and found a doctor that helped me wean off my medication. I also decided I needed Jesus in my life if I was going to be truly successful, and accepted him on this journey too.


I started going to the gym and getting physical therapy and chiropractic care. I became obsessed with looking fit and skinny. I had a specific number on the scale that I wanted to see and I’d do anything to get there; militant exercise, all the diets, extended fasting, diet supplements; but none of it worked. I was putting terrible things in my body and I wasn’t ‘healthy’. I took my body for granted and was never happy with how I looked.

What changed was my personal experience

with a Health Coach. I had someone to teach me how to eat properly and helped me to see food and a fuel source and not the enemy. I learned to love and accept my body where it was and be grateful for my journey. Letting go of the pressure I was putting on myself allowed my body to “let go” of the weight. I am finally happy with where I am today! I’m grateful every day for the experiences I’ve gone through. I love my body, that it’s healthy, and has done so much for me. I take care of myself differently now that I feel that way and am able to keep my weight at a healthy place, not focusing on the scale but rather how I FEEL. I’m happy to say that I quit drinking alcohol during my coaching process as well, and celebrated 3 years sober in September 2020. I’ve never felt better and can’t wait to share this freedom with you!!

diets I’ve tried
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