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I Help Make People Better

Do you find yourself consumed with thoughts of food most of your day?  Do you see food as “the enemy” because you so badly want to lose weight and whatever you eat or don’t eat you feel bad?

Is food used as a reward? Or do you turn to food when you’re stressed? Have you been known to skip meals because you’re busy and you “need to lose weight anyway”?

Have you tried ALL THE DIETS and exercise plans?  But ultimately end up back where you were when you started, whether it’s 3 days later or 6 months or 5 years? Then you just blame yourself for failing?

Do you wonder if you’re “broken”?  Something is wrong with you? 


NO!  Let me start with that!  No, there’s nothing wrong with you. We do what we can with what we know, right?  Diets are a huge industry and 98% of people that diet will gain the weight back in 6 months. Your relationship with food and how you eat impacts your health more than the food you choose to eat. 

What if you could learn how to eat properly and never have to go on a diet again? To be able to have a meal and not feel guilt or shame is so freeing and I want you to have this freedom.

Western medicine tells us we’re broken, that we need a doctor or a medication to fix us.  And as doctors are very important for good reason, we have amazing bodies that can operate so well when we take good care of it. As your coach, I will lead you to this place for good.

Are you experiencing:

Trouble losing weight

Low energy

Over eating

Under eating

Trouble sleeping

Low self esteem

Insulin resistance

No motivation

What makes me unique as a health coach

So many of us think in order to lose weight we just need to find the right diet or add in more cardio. My approach to working with my clients is unique. Instead of focusing on meal plans and workouts, I focus on changing your bad habits and who you are being when you eat. I ask specific questions to uncover what’s keeping you stuck and provide curated information and action steps to begin creating healthy habits that last.

I give my client the care and attention they need to realize they’re capable of BETTER, that it is already within them to have this, they just need a coach to help hold them accountable and reflect the highest version of themselves that they can imagine.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

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